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Meaning,Origin and Types

Tattoo is a design or a mark drawn on the skin usually using indelible ink.These tattoos once
drawn cannot be removed.Temporary tattoos are also available to put on the skin.These Temporary tattoos are drawn using Henna.Tattooing is an old form of art and it is in practice from many centuries ago.Most commonly tattoos are used as fashion accessories among everyone.In some places,putting henna tattoos are considered as their culture.

Color and Designs - Men and Women

Tatoos are generally used  by both men and women.Different designs are available seperately for both sex to decorate all over the body.Usually tattoo colors are selected based upon the skin color.Tattoo designs used are different in different parts of the country.In China and Japan- chinese symbols,zodaic symbols,dragon picture are mostly used whereas in US tribal and butterfly tattoos are used.

Similarly the method used for tattooing are also differ from country to country.There are various methods but now electronic tatooing is the popularly used method.

Due to the increasing popularity of tattoo art,Tattoo training institutes are also available to learn from experts & to do tattooing as business.

Tattooing is very painful as it is drawn using needles.Similarly,though many modern techniqes are available,removing the tattoos also gives much more pain.

Most Popular Tattoo Designs 


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