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Discover Qvendo

Qvendo sounds modern with Luxury and Stylish name.

This Luxury Private Online Shopping Club,like its name also offers products adding to your style quotient.

Why Qvendo?

*Guaranteed Branded High Quality Products at Low price
*Gateway to Western Fashion and Accessories
*Top Designers,Exclusive Boutique Brands and Significant Savings with Free Membership
*Now Exclusive Selling only to Indian sub-continent.

  1. Luxury Private Shopping Club-  meant for Extravagant People?
  2. Style Quotient?
  3. Quality:Is it is Real or Fake wool?
  4. Durable?
  5. What about Size?
  6. Is it is Worth for the money i pay?
  7. Online shopping will be secure or not?
  8. How to buy without seeing the dress in closer view?
  9. Any damage in the dress delivered what will happen for my money?
  10. After ordering and paying money,how long it will take for delivery?
Dont Worry,if these questions hinders you from enjoying the hassle free shopping experience.

Why to do Online Shopping with Qvendo?

Reason behind to get hooked with Qvendo

1.Qvendo-The Luxury online Private Shopping Club is meant for Smart People for their Smarter shopping by providing Guaranteed Branded High Quality Products at Low price.

2.Qvendo offers prestigious brands for men,women and children.Products are designed by well known world-wide popular designers to enhance your style quotient.Dressing is of no use if it goes unnoticed.Everyone like to be unique in the crowd and products from Qvendo make head turns, wherever you go.

To keep myself warm and comfortable in this winter,i have selected Luis Trenker Silke Grey Women Dress made up of wool.Together i have picked Luis Trenker Leona Dark brown leather shoes with Swarovski stones on the shoe tongue to enhance my dress code.

Luis Trenker  Fashion Women Dress is available only at Qvendo's  online shopping
The given below picture is the common wool dress which  is available in all outlets in India.But products offered by Qvendo will not be available anywhere in India.

Common dress available in all outlets 
I selected from Qvendo,the above fashionable unique outfit for my winter to add my style quotient and to show me unique.Only trendy products which is updated from time to time are sold by Qvendo.
Wear Qvendo's Dresses and Live Trendy!

3.Qvendo, sells only High quality luxury brand products to ensure its customers to deliver the best quality satisfaction. I need not test the quality of wool or leather by flaming or by doing other experiments .I have saved my time by selecting products from Qvendo where quality is guaranteed.

4.Quality Products offered by Qvendo ensures its durability.

5.All the products are listed along with their price,product description-color,material used,front and back view pictures with magnifier option for the product.Even size chart also provided for customer assistance. It also adds joy by offering Western Brands at a significant Discount for men,women and children.

6.Sitting in home without wasting time of running into malls and stores for trendy dresses can enjoy shopping.Need not peep your head searching for price tags to find low cost -high quality branded guaranteed product. At your door-step, Products are delivered in short span within 4-10 business days with very simple process.
Spending on Qvendo, worth and trustworthy too.

7.Qvendo ensures its customers for secure and confidential transactions by using Germany's leading international Wirecard AG for payment.

8.As i already mentioned,all the products in the catalog can be viewed closely with magnifier option provided.

9.Products ordered are 100% Insured and fully protected so need not worry about theft or accidental damage.

10.Fast delivery within 4-10 business days with very simple process.

My another selection is Heart pendant chain made up of stainless steel.This Attractive chain with Heart symbol  is designed in Silver and gold color matching to the skin color of Indian women.

My heart goes sha la la la la when i see it,

La la la la When i can wear it?

Replay Silver, Gold Chain - RAC19245

To match my Blue jeans,i have selected this stainless steel ladies watch with worldwide warranty .

Replay Ladies Watch - RW5901XR

 This color combination is wonderful.I have selected Luis Trenker Blazer Ruth Beige Women Cotton mixed linen suit for wearing it in all seasons.

Luis Trenker Blazer Ruth Beige Women

The above 10 questions will arise in the mind of every customer to buy any kind of products in online.Since i m satisfied with Qvendo for all these queries,i have prepared my unique wish list with this luxury online shopping store to add my style quotient.

Taj Mahal,wonders of the world.What is special here?Can u feel its importance from this picture?The building is in the shape of the mosque,but what make it unique as wonder of the world?

Builded by Shahjahan,how long& In whose reign it is constructed blah blah i can write but its sculpture and beauty u will feel only when you experience.

Similarly,the Bliss of Online shopping with Qvendo can be experienced only in person.

Free membership is given to access the wide range of luxury products.

So, Why Not Qvendo?

Let us breathe the air of style and fashion with Qvendo and start enjoying satisfied and secured online shopping.

Even the Sight of Qvendo's beautiful dresses and accessories can makes u beautiful.

Now i look beautiful with Qvendo.

What about You?

Visit  Qvendo- The Luxury Private Shopping Club and pamper your beauty too.

Spreading Good things is equal to spreading love.

As an Indiblogger,Presenting this post for Discover Qvendo Contest.


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