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Surf Excel Matic offers Golden Time

I like to invest Surf Excel Matic's golden time with my precious Kids.Morning my kids use to wake up with a smile.At that time i use to be very busy in removing the stains to load the clothes inside washing machine. Jointly i will be in a hurry to pack breakfast and lunch box.

My kids expects me to reciprocate them with a smile.They will be recharged only if i wakeup them with a kiss,hug and smile.Every morning,i have loads of household works in queue,to complete one after another.Neither i cant scold kids for making stains nor i cant ignore breakfast preparation and other household works.I want to be sensitive to each and every needs of my kids
by providing the cognitive stimulus expected.But With busy morning schedule,everyday i was unable to recharge them.

Now i will use Surf Excel Matic's golden time to recharge my kids every day.

As an individual i feel i need some personal time.In a day i am spending time for my
kids,spouse and for doing my daily chores.If this is my routine i feel content as i have completed my work and responsibility.But as an individual i feel incomplete.My Inner voice use to bother me and tells me that i am missing something.

Health is the best wealth and valuable asset for everyone.Individually i have a crave for doing daily excercise but i was unable to allocate time.

With Surf Excel Matic's golden time,I am going to teach my kids and cultivate in them a good habit of doing daily excercise which is essential for good health.I strongly believe that learning begins at home and parents are the most important teachers for every child.So as a mother i feel i have greater role and responsibility on my kids.My kids use to immitate my each and every action.I want to use this powerful tool to nurture them with a good habit of doing daily excercise.

With this extra hours,i am going to fulfill my own wish and also create a good habit for my kids. Surf Excel Matic's golden hours reconnects me with my kids and also satisfies me personally.

My kids expects my presence for doing their daily chores.But as a single person,i can't give dual presence when i am engaged with removing the stains in clothes.So from washing room,i will be shouting  to instruct them to do their work one after another.

With Surf Excel Matic's golden extra hours,i am going to refocus on my kids by being sensitive to their needs.So altogether,using this Surf Excel Matic, i am going to be smart and utilise this extra hours to refocus, reconnect and recharge me and my kids every day.Thanks for Surf Excel Matic for offering this golden time.


  1. Wow. what awesome thought beind the post. Loved reading it. Best of luck. Please do visit my post Aye Zindagi!

  2. indeed thats what a true mother wud do..good s my take..

  3. I've seen quite a few mothers write posts where they utilize their time for their kids, but here's one with utter focus and precision, you know what you're gonna do :)
    Wishing you all the best from a fellow competitor :)

    Could you read my post, and if you like it, give it a vote? I'd be really grateful :))

  4. zradar & thestorytellerslostpages - Thank You,for your kind comments.Moreover i like to appreciate you for keeping your footprints in our blog.Keep visiting.We always welcome your comments as it help us to improve.


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