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I DREAM ABOUT.........

What is a dream?

DREAM  is a magical world where we can live as we like. Dreams can be about love, life or it can be about anything on which we have an  intense desire.

Dream life is mysterious as nobody knows what we are going to dream,its beginning or its end.

Have you ever imagined a life without dream?

If we stop dreaming the hope we have on our future will  hops away from our heart.

 My dreams are about


After sleep started  kissing my eyes,I will enter into my dream world.
The doors of the dream world with love beckons me every night to do different adventures.In all my dream I am the only hero.So i love dreaming.

Somedays in dream I will turn like JK Rowling and start imagining interesting stories with twist and turns.Another day,it will be  terrific like killing,chasing and running.Most of the day my dream is about preparing for exams,slipping down from a mountain or escaping from a group of people.To be in precise,mostly my dreams use to reflect my inner fear and desire.

A beautiful dream is like icing above the cake, it is the real beauty of the night. An ambitious dream strengthens our aim; a lovable dream makes our love more deep,similarly horror dream surely will make us more terrified! So all depends on what we DREAM ABOUT..

What actually we should dream about?

 “Fog vanishes when the sun shines”.

An aimless dream is also like a fog  as it vanishes when the sleep ends.

Most of our dreams are like a fog,without a clear picture ends up with our sleep.

But only great people with courage give life to their dream and makes it possible even in their real life.

So don’t dream about things that makes you happy.Start dreaming about things that makes others happy. Gandhiji’s dream resulted in freedom.Abdul Kalam’s dream resulted in inspiring the thousands of young minds.Many freedom fighters dream resulted in living in an Independent India.Let us dream like great people to make our motherland " Super Power ".Think wide and live with pride. 



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