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A short story about Passionate Car Lovers

Vijayanagar,the village of the blessed is located in the Southern part of India.The prime occupation of the Vijayanagaravasi's is agriculture.The village,surrounded by the mountains provides a fertile soil for agriculture and the land is the home of a large number of flora and fauna.Vijanagaravasi's are lover and worshipper of nature.The nature inturn blessed them.Vijayanagaravasi's had a strong bond towards their land.Transportation has been the dreadful problem faced by that villagers.Thalainagaram located 25kms away from the village.Hardly 25kms the village people have to travel daily to buy their basic needs,for trading,for education,for hospital and almost to fulfill all their needs.No bus facilities to their village so people are forced to have their own vehicle.People of Vijayanagar are very passionate about cars and in short they are passionate lovers of cars as transportation has been the big problem in their place.As they had flourishing trade most of the people of Vijayanagar are well to do and preferers of convenient mode of transport. 95%of houses will be having their own vehicles.Two vehicles per house is the ratio.So villagers allocate a major amount for petrol expenses in their budget.Other than that,people was helping each other and were living a peaceful life with God's blessings.

One fine day, Ramaiah, a well educated person and a charismatic personality came to Vijayanagar,his birth place to spend his retired life.His father,Rammanna who lived as the headman in that village has did lot of social welfare and good things to the village.Like his father,Ramaiah too has respect and rapport in his village.People have a deep loyalty to their family.Particularly from childhood ,Ramaiah is familiar among Vijayanagaravasi's for his quick sense of wit and humour.

Ramaiah was living a peaceful life in his village.Settling people disputes&problems his days were going..Dark days in the village was stepping in slowly.Day by day hike in petrol prices becomes a burden to the villagers in their home budget.The hike in petrol prices started to eat up the villagers savings.

Once a beautiful village always filled with happiness and joy began to sore.The hike of petrol price becomes a real shocker to the village people.Today the hike is eating our savings tomorrow it may eat all our earnings becomes the dreadful fear amoung the village people.Passionate car lovers of Vijayanagaravasi's felt that if hike continued neither they cant buy a soap nor could fill their petrol tank.Hand to mouth living may prevail if days continued.Poverty,starvation may step into Vijayanagar.In this way fear amoung villagers spreaded without limits.Problem with human beings is that they dont mind to climb up in life like spiderman but coming down to their position nobody likes.

 They all ran to Ramaiah and they informed him about their problems.Ramaiah as a first step towards taking corrective measures explained the villagers that fear will deepens the problem and asked the villagers to calm down.Some people remarked their views that if they terminate all their inter trade and stop using petrol car alone pays way to have some more money at the end of the month.Ramaiah laughed and asked them how many days without doing trade we can survive and askd them not to be in hurry and take hasty decisions.

 On seeing the sufferings of the villagers Ramaiah resented a lot.Despite his oldage,his love for the land and for his fellow villagers made him to serve them continuously.

 He started the day worshipping his father and went to read newspaper asusual.He gave a glance at local news,information in classified section and turned to third page in which he came to see full page ad of Robo Car.As they are passionate lovers of cars he zoomed his eyes and started reading the information.Finally Ramaiah felt relaxed and passed out the information to arrange for a gathering.

Ramaiah informed the villagers with joy and cheer about Robo diesel cars.He explained them about Robo's Cost cutting Multijet diesel technology.He furnished the details about the benefits offered by Robo to the customers -Car exchanging  and upgrade offers,assured free fuel vouchers,savings on car insurance,free road side assistance.He remarked,Robo to multiple our happiness had offered deisel car at the price of petrol car.He also taught the villagers about the measures they have to take to shift to diesel and also highlighted them about its cost-effectiveness.On knowing the facts about diesel Vijanagaravasi's renounced with joy and followed the footsteps of Ramaiah.As a result of shifting to diesel made them affordable to all their needs without any shortage in their budget.Once again peace and prosperity cherished in the village.

Villagers thanked Ramaiah.But Ramaiah told the real credit must go to Robo for offering the world such a wonderful multijet diesel engines with characteristics of adaptiveness to multitudes of cars.He also stressed that Robo multijet diesel engines alone enabled us to shift to diesel easily and helped us to reduce our running cost.He added that it gives the pleasure of smoother,quieter drive with surprisingly low emissions and high fuel economy.Villagers agreed with Ramaiah and everyone thanked Robo for helping them to be the proudful car owners forever.

People of Vijayanagar felt happy that Robo has
1.Stopped the petrol cars eating the money
2.Protected  from crisis
3.Helped  to maintain the standard and drive the convenient mode of transport.

So as a gratitude,passionate Vijayanagar car lovers decided to crown the Robo diesel cars in their village.Vijayanagar becomes Robo carwalla village and its people are happy about diesel over petrol.

 People with sprees and happiness shouted," Ramaiah jay Robo jay "and with fanfare celebrated the same.


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