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How gadgets reflect your personality?

Gadgets reflects our personality

Gadget - A small specialized mechanical or electronic device.

Electronic Devices,it may be  iPod, digital camera,DVD player, stereo, computer, laptop, flat screen television, computer monitor, phone, mobile phone, microwave, coffee machine etc., all makes our life better, more productive and more entertaining!All this list of amazing life changing devices makes our life better by helping us to perform our tasks quicker and more efficiently.Modern devices helps us to perform our tasks faster and saves our time.These devices actually improves our life and allows us to accomplish more with our day to day activities, which in turn gives us more free time.

Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget

In a day, life of a person from the time he gets up till he goes to bed,his life revolves around electronic devices.Gadgets and our life become inseparable.They becomes part and parcel of our life.User-friendly gadgets become more and more closer to us knowing our needs.So i feel amazing life changing gadgets which makes our life easier knowing our needs is reflecting our personality. 

Personality is the sum total of the physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics of an individual.

Gadgets - Physical and Social characteristics

Physical characteristics are what we are seeing with the naked eye.The way you dress,the type of the car you drive, the way you cut your hair or it may be the gadgets that you use.Social characteristics is the need of an individual for recognition,prestige,status in the society.Using Android,Iphones and Dell gadget products is a matter of status to some individuals.In this way your gadgets reflects your social personality to others.Everything right from dress to gadget selection, reflects your personality to others and specifically these physical and social characteristics decides the way how you are going to be treated.A smiling face can create impression that you are friendly.Wearing neat and clean clothes may show you as perfect person.New model phone usage may show you as trendy.Small things that you can do, can change a person’s thought about you entirely.Similarly type of gadgets,color theme we use clearly will reflect others what kind of personality we are.So here your gadget  reflects both the inner and social  personality of you to your friends and others. 
Dell Inspiron M5030 2800B3D 15.6-Inch Laptop (3D Black)
Gadgets - Mental and Emotional characteristics

Dell Inspiron DUO iD-4495FNT Laptop with Docking Station (Foggy Night)
Mental characteristics is about logical,rational thinking of an individual and decision-making process.Many brands are available in market but most people (ie., smart people) go for Dell lap considering Cost-effective,User-friendly and for various other features.Cost-effective,User-friendly and on this basis, the type of gadget we use  shows the intellectual i.e., the mental characteristics of a person.In this basis, your gadget  reflects the intellectual personality of you to your friends and others. 

 Emotional characteristics is about urges, desires, feelings, emotions, and attitudes of an individual. People opt for things just because of attraction,sentiment and desire.So here your gadget reflects your Emotional Personality.

              Our Gadgets represents who we are and reflects our personality.It also bears the stamp of our individuality, making ourselves and our lifestyle unique.

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