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Benefits of chanting Om

Tricks to Increase your Concentration Power,Memory and IQ
Irrespective of caste,creed one can chant OM because its benefits are innumerable and it is scientifically proved.Chanting OM is beneficial to all age groups .
"OM" very short Mantra - easy to pronounce and teach kids too.Chant daily 5-10minutes continuously for 45 days then you wont stop.
chanting Om
1.Increases the concentration power
2.Improves Memory and IQ

3.Reduces tension,anxiety and provides emotional stability and peace
4.Rejuvenates body and mind.
5.Helps to maintain physical and mental health
6.Improves perception power
7.Inner energy levels are increased while chanting OM
8.Calm state and peace of mind can be attained.
9.Reduces anger,depression and control stress
10.Creates vibrations both in body and mind.
11.In short,it is healing mantra for all mental and physical diseases.
12.Blissful condition of mind


  1. Really omkar produces 7.83hz of frequency which matches. With the universe


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