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Facts About Australia

1.It is the smallest continent in the world but the sixth largest country in the world.

2.Canberra, the capital of Australia and Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia.

3.Lake Eyre is the largest Lake in Australia.

4.Murray-Darling river system is the Longest River in Australia.

 Facts About Australia
5.It is sometimes called the land "Down Under".This is because if u look on a map,it is located in the bottom of the Earth.

6.Koalas,Kangaroos and platypuses are the animals mostly found in Australia.

7.Sydney is the biggest city in Australia.The Sydney Opera House is made to look like the white sails of the ship.

8.Australia is completely surrounded by water on all sides and so referred as " Island Continent".

9.Its population density is one of the lowest in the whole world.

10.Australia has many natural resources which include natural gas and petroleum, diamonds, nickel, uranium, bauxite, coal, zinc, tin, iron ore, mineral sands, silver, lead, and tungsten.

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