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The Story of Elephant’s King Gajendra

There was a beautiful mountain named Trikuta and it is fully covered by thick forests.Gajendra,the King of Elephants ruled over all the other elephants in the herd.
  One day Gajendra with his other elephants went to a lake nearby.Suddenly a crocodile in the lake caught his leg.Gajendra tried to make himself free from the crocodile.All other elephants put their efforts together to save their King.
  First he believed his strength ie., himself, second his companions but everyone's effort resulted in vain.Gajendra finally realised that God alone could save him.So he started meditating on Lord Narayana.
  Gajendra fully surrendered himself to God.Lord Narayana.appeared in his vehicle Garuda,and saved his devotee who surrendered to him fully frm the clutches of crocodile.Gajendra offered Lord Narayana a Lotus and thanked him for saving his life.
 Surrendering to God is more important.Supreme Power "God" is the strength of the weak.Meditating God and his Namas gives us supreme bliss.


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