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Nutrients and our Body

Each of the nutrients play vital role in keeping our body healthy and also provides extra energy when we're doing something active.

 1 - Carbohydrates
Examples of food containing carbohydrates:  1.Potatoes  2.Pasta 3.Cereal 4.Rice 5.Bread 6.Noodles
How do carbohydrates help the body?
Carbohydrates help fuel the body by providing energy. When we exert the body with activities such as running or playing sport the body uses up large amounts of energy. We have to make sure we balance the energy that goes out, with food and water that comes into the body. We can replace lost energy by eating foods rich in carbohydrates and drinking plenty of water.

You can increase your carbohydrates by:

*always having a breakfast

*having thick sliced toast like whole grain bread

*eating brown rice or pasta

*having boiled potatoes rather than chips which are cooked in fats

2 - Vitamins & Minerals

Examples of food containing vitamins and minerals:

    a. FRUITS  Apples Peaches Strawberries Grapes Pears Kiwi Bananas Oranges Cherries

    b.VEGETABLES     Carrots Cauliflower Onions Peas Cabbage Spinach        
Fruits basket

How do vitamins and minerals help the body? Fruit and vegetables are packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre that help protect the body from illness.

You can increase your vitamins and minerals by:

*drinking a glass of pure fruit juice 

*eating fruit 

*having a fruit salad 

*eating vegetables or salad 

3 - Calcium

Examples of food containing calcium:

Milk Cheese Yoghurt Fromage Frais  
How does calcium help the body?
Calcium is a mineral that is good for strengthening your bones and teeth. It also helps the nerves and muscles in the body work.

You can increase your calcium by:

*taking a cereal for breakfast with extra milk

*having a yoghurt after your evening meal

*adding a matchbox size piece of cheese to your pack-lunch box

 4 - Protein

Examples of food containing protein:

Chicken Lentils Beans Meat Soya Fish Eggs  
How does this nutrient help the body? Protein is good for the body as it helps to build and repair cells and muscles.

You can increase your protein by:

*choosing lean meat or chicken

*eating at least two servings of fish a week

*having beans or lentils with meat or as a meat free meal

 5 - Fats & Sugars

Examples of food containing fats and sugars:

  Fats: Cheese Margarine Whole Milk Butter Fat on Meat and Poultry

Hidden Fats and Sugar Cake Crisps Sweets Chocolate Biscuits Fast Foods - Chips, Fried Rice, Sausage Rolls Ice-Cream Fizzy Drinks Do fats help the body? Fats give the body energy for growth, but we need to make sure we eat the right amount as too much fat can be bad for us.

Is sugar good for us? We can actually do without sugar, but it makes things taste nicer. Too much sugar in our diets can damage our teeth. When we eat and drink foods that have high amounts of sugar, acids are produced in the mouth by bacteria that live in the plaque on the surface of the teeth. These acids begin to dissolve the enamel and this leads to tooth decay.

Choosing The Right Food

Think Before You Eat! We need to make sure we eat a balanced diet so that the body gets all the nutrients it requires. By making just a few small changes to what we eat, we can help our body grow, and protect it against future illness.


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