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An Inspiring Story of Rana

I am Rana working in a mechanic shop. I am from an indigent family with no background. I have to earn daily wages for fulfilling my basic needs every day. I aspire to live a sophisticated life in the society. Poverty and its #impact damages my happy childhood days. Always, I used to worry about my poor life. Since I born in a needy family, I use to blame my parents for giving me birth.

The mechanic shop where I was working used to bustle with people everyday since in that area our shop was the only big one. I used to watch customers coming in car and costly bikes. I used to ask God, "Do overhauling, repairing, cleaning and fixing is my life?" Why you made me to born in such a poor family suffering for basic needs? My heart jumps to own such bike and cars. I thought a boy from poor family who suffer for basic needs to fill his stomach mustn't aspire for big things in life.

Many times I use to build castle and suffer to accept my current real life.The #impact of poverty left me with a thought that I can't come up in life to a good level since I have no one to support and raise my life. A born worker must live all his life as a worker in poverty is a rule and nothing can change my penniless situation, I convinced myself. Though I was heart-broken without hopes in life, I am a hard working labour. I was the youngest but most active fellow in my shop. I don't allow my poverty and negative feelings to #impact my work. Always, I used to be honest, sincere and perfect. So my owner likes me very much.

Usually I won't show my sadness outside, but one day tears was rolling down my eyes unknowingly. The lovable owner who watched me, came and inquired the reason for my sorrow. He invited me alone and told his own story about how he raised in his life from an ordinary labour to big mechanic shop owner without any background and investment. It seems he had crossed many hard paths in life. He detailed how many multi-task he did in his earlier life to achieve his current sophisticated life. Becoming skilled in work is how important, gaining knowledge about suppliers, automobile parts and how information is wealth he made me understood. Keenly watching the current environment, living in present has the potential and power to change the information into a real great wealth, he explained. It opened my eyes and made me understood there are many paths in life to come up.

His story created a positive #impact in my inner heart and gave me great hopes for the future. I thought what I was doing was a hard some task. But after hearing his story, I realized that still with more zeal I have to work and gain knowledge to make my aspirations come true.

His words of speech created a significant #impact and made me successful in life.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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