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Stress Busting Healthy Recipes Kindles Me

Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta are healthier and lip-smacking. I checked out their recipes page and got amazed with their huge variety of nutritious recipe collection. Breakfast is the important meal of the day. A healthy choice of breakfast helps to kick start our day with full energy. Skipping breakfast occurs for two reasons. First, lack of time and second is getting mundane with the staple breakfast recipes. Kellogg's Breakfast cereals gives you hand to come out of this problem and also provides us a nutritious breakfast choice to explore.

Mrs. Gupthaji uses Kellogg's ready-to-eat breakfast cereals for preparing breakfast. It helps her to prepare breakfast in less time and skipping breakfast for time factor won't happen to Gupta's family.

Mrs. Gupthaji prepares many contemporary mouth watering healthy recipes with Kellogg's breakfast cereals. They are  naturally low in fat, rich in complex carbohydrates, provides nutrients and essential vitamins such as iron, B vitamins and zinc which are needed to make the most of every day. Ready-to-eat Kellogg's breakfast cereals are great as they help to gain healthy body weights.

 Breakfast gives energy to begin our day and breaking the fast is called breakfast and so we mustn't skip it. After long sleeping hours, breakfast is our first meal which helps to break our long fasting period and gives energy for the day. Similarly, right choice of a healthy breakfast is also crucial to start a great day.


 A little change and mix-ins in our food can make our breakfast the best meals of our day. Kellogg's cereals stimulate both kids and adults to have their breakfast every morning and one cannot skip or resist their tongue from tasting Mrs. Guptaji's lovely healthy recipes.

Guptaji ka Family uses Kellogg's "Anaaj ka Naastha" which is made from the choicest Indian wheat, corn and rice to have the same Indian food feel, but they prepare food in a new and healthier way without much ghee and oil. Mrs. Guptaji  is a forte in cooking healthy dishes. With different combinations of vegetables and fruits, in an innovative way she uses Kellogg's cereals (corn flakes, wheat flakes and oats) and prepares scrumptious and healthier recipes. Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta are wholesome, nourishing, palatable and additionally also stocked with the energy and nutrients we needed in the morning to start our day.

Ready-to-eat Kellogg's Breakfast cereals are the best choice for having a nutritious breakfast every morning.

Mrs. Guptaji's  Breakfast recipes are unique, healthy and delicious. Specifically Corn flakes Chana Chaat, Fruity Yogurt Cup, Peach Corn flakes, Date Shake, Corn flakes Khatta Moong, Cheesy Corn flakes all are toothsome. Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal consumption enhances milk and calcium intake in our daily diet. Mrs. Guptaji's recipes  satisfy our taste buds and helps us to stay fit and healthy. The stress busting and smile inducing recipes of Mrs. Guptaji kindles me to go to their home for nashta.


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