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31 Adjectives to Enhance your Vocabulary

Simple way of expressing that you are more tired. - I am very tired.
Enhanced way of expressing that you are more tired - I am exhausted,I am really exhausted,I am absolutely exhausted.

Here tired is a normal adjective used with "very" to express that you are more tired.Instead you can also use strong adjective "exhausted ".

Eg : Ants are very small insects.
Ants are tiny insects.
Which sentence sounds good? Isn't the second sentence?
Hope now it is better understood that strong adjectives are really impressive and also expressive.

The film was very/really bad.
Here "bad" is a normal adjective.
Words like "very" and "really" are used to tell more about the normal adjective.

The film was absolutely/really awful/dreadful/terrible/disgusting.

 Here  awful/dreadful/terrible/disgusting are strong adjectives. 
Words like "absolutely" and "really" are used to tell more about the strong adjective.
Don't use"very" with a strong adjective.

Eg : He is very exhausted is a wrong sentence.We mustn't use "very" with a strong adjective.

He is absolutely exhausted is correct.
He is really exhausted is also correct.

Similarly we mustn't use "absolutely" with a base/normal adjective.

Now like this,I like to share with you a set of commonly used words.
extreme adjectives.bmp

31 Enhanced Vocabulary Words/31 Base and Extreme Adjectives Vocabulary

Simple Vocabulary
Enhanced Vocabulary
"very"+Normal Adjective

Strong Adjective

tired exhausted
small tiny
tall giant
clever brilliant
hungry starving
good Excellent,splendid,perfect,ideal,
bad,ugly  awful,dreadful,terrible,disgusting,
sure certain
tasty delicious,yummy
excited thrilled
hot boiling
cold freezing
beautiful,pretty lovely,exquisite,ravishing,
angry furious
big huge,enormous
interesting fascinating
sad miserable,devastated
happy overjoyed,ecstatic,jublient,elated
silly ridiculous
dirty filthy
funny hilarious
fat obese
afraid,scared,frightened terrified
surprising,shocking astonishing,amazing,astounding
clean spotless
old ancient
worried anxious
bright dazzling
weak feeble
pleased delighted

15 Amazing Vocabulary Words

menace - threat. Eg : The horror movies entails menacing sounds and voices.

eyesore - very ugly. Eg : 1.Streets with garbage dumps is an eyesore and a health hazard to the public.2.The Government asks public to nominate India's worst buildings, the eyesores that they would like to see demolished.

apparently - evidently,seemingly. Eg : The thief killed a cop and five other people in a series of attacks, before apparently killing himself.

spate - large number. Eg : A spate of hoax bomb threat calls kept the city police on their toes.

dereliction - negligence of duty. Eg: A drunk driver who apparently hits four people was charged with serious dereliction of duty.

spurned - rejected,abandoned. Eg : A man splashed acid on her face when she spurned his love proposal.

ignominy - public shame. Eg : Congress faces the ignominy as it was not qualified even to lead the official opposition party in the parliament.

immolate -kill,destroy,offer as sacrifice. Eg :1.The trees were immolated as fire swept through the forest.2.Mostly animals were immolated in religious rituals.

sleuth - detective. Eg : The sleuths were on their toes on Wednesday after Central Railway Station received a bomb threat call.

pilferage - stealing small amounts and small articles. Eg : To stop pilferage,the company have decided to fit  GPS devices in trucks and fuel tankers to track their movements.

drubbing - hit/beating,defeating. Eg : Congress receives a drubbing in  Lok Sabha polls.

abysmal -  extremely bad,terrible,very deep. Eg : His death left her with abysmal and boundless misery.

thud - heavy sound. Eg :  The ladle fell to the ground with a thud.

air-borne - something is in the air and flying. Eg : The car goes air-borne for seconds and later landed with a thud on the floor.

scaffolding - is a temporary structure of poles/planks used by the workmen to stand on while building houses. Eg : Scaffold collapsed and many workers got injured.

10 Common Vocabulary Words

afflicted - affected adversely,suffering. Eg : 1.Our society is afflicted with corruptions and crimes.2.The teens were afflicted with the computer syndrome.

skirting - skipping/avoiding/evading ,around,border,outer edge. Eg : 1.A cycle race on the skirt of the mountain is going to be held on Thursday.2.The interior walls's skirting tiles were broken.

peripheral - not major but secondary things,issues,interests and ideas. Eg : Printer is a peripheral device.

ablaze - glowing fire,bright light,indicating strong emotions like anger,excitement. Eg : 1.The car was set ablaze by rioters.2.His eyes was ablazed with love.

wrangled - dispute,obtained by argument. Eg : After much debate and wrangling, we got justice.

entails - involves. Eg : 1.Marketing job entails tight deadlines.2.Investing in equities entails more risks.

mast - is a tall upright pole in the ship. Eg : The mast standing upright on the ship supports the sails.


ordeal - prolonged unpleasant experience/pain. Eg : 1.Is failure an ordeal?2.Flood in the harvest season is a long ordeal for the farmers.

plague - diseases that spreads(caused by animals),continuous trouble. Eg : The streets are plagued with stray dogs.

rabies - is an infectious disease caused mostly by dogs(animals) and transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected animal. Eg : The commuter bitten by stray dogs were afflicted with rabies.

10 Must Know Vocabulary Words

apprehended - arrested Eg : Police apprehended two extremely intoxicated daytime drivers.

confiscated - seizing with authority. Eg : Government ordered to fine noisy neighbours and confiscate their stereo equipment.

adjourned - postponed to a later time. Eg : The court was adjourned without fixing any future date.

indignant - getting angry at an unfair situation when some wrong has been done to oneself or others Eg : John looked indignant since his best friend had lied him.

indulgence - fulfilling every whims,favor/privilege,liberal treatment,patient attention. Eg : 1.Self-indulgence leads to destruction.2.No indulgence can be offered to borrowers on payment of dues.


bounty - gift,reward given by the government. Eg : I won a bounty from Facebook for finding a critical bug.

pragmatic - dealing things in a practical way. Eg : Banti’s pragmatic approach to life was impressive.

strays - homeless persons and animals. Eg : The stray dogs were seen wandering around in the bus station causing trouble to the commuters.

introspect - examining and analyzing one's own thoughts and feelings. Eg :  Fire investigators will introspect the building thoroughly to determine how the fire started.

clad - dressed,clothed. Eg : Clad in a saree, she went to a birthday party.

10 Useful Vocabulary Words

relinquish - voluntarily giving up. Eg: John relinquised some managerial control in exchange for their money.

rejigs - rearrange Eg : Microsoft rejigs its organizational structure.

revamp - giving a new and improved appearance. Eg : Motorola on the revamp.

inducted - recruiting to a post. Eg : Jaya inducted three new ministers.

anointednominating or choosing someone as successor. Eg : Nitish Kumar anoints Jitan Ram Manjhi as Bihar Cheif Minister.

in-tray - issues that require attention and needed to dealt with. Eg : People have added unemployment as a significant problem to the in-tray of their prime minister.

verdict - opinion or judgement. Eg : Public's verdict about Chennai Express movie is very impressive.

quirks - peculiar behavior,moving or twisting one's mouth or eyebrows. Eg : Peter quirks his eyebrows in surprise.


obsession - excessively mind pre-occupied with certain fixed idea,thoughts and emotions. Eg : She is fully obsessed with the thoughts of her lover.

miscreants - a person who does wrong. Eg : Modern cyber miscreants love to steal sensitive datas and passwords.

12 Must-Know Facts about Cats

 Easy Cat Drawing

These are the simple cat drawings using circle,semi-circle and triangle for kids.



Cat Facts

  1. Cat is a most popular Pet animal in the world.
  2. The younger one of a cat is called as kitten.
  3. A group of cats are collectively called as "Clowder".
  4. Like finger prints of human,nose prints of cats are unique.
  5. Cats have keen vision.Their eyesight is good even in dim light.
  6. The sense of smell of cats are less when compared to dogs.
  7. Cats have good sense of hearing compared to human.
  8. Cats have excellent balancing skills to walk even on a very narrow wall.
  9. Cats use their whiskers to guage the width of space inorder to know whether its body can enter the specified space or not.
  10. Cat can make 100 different sounds and it is popularly known by the sound "meow-meow".
  11. Cats are mammals.
  12. A normal cat has five toes on the front legs and four toes on the hind legs.

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