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17 Amazing facts about Giraffe

giraffe drawing and facts
Giraffe Facts

  1. Giraffes are the tallest living mammals on Earth.
  2. Giraffes have distinct spot patterns in their body like human fingerprints.The darker the spots,the older is its age.Some species have spots that look like oak leaves and other kinds have a square-shaped pattern.
  3. Giraffes have long neck,long legs and even long tongue.
  4. The legs of giraffe are taller than many humans which are about 6 feet.
  5. Giraffes are good runners.Their long legs helps them to run fast.
  6. Giraffe and cow has two things in common.Both munches all the time and have four stomach to aid digestion.
  7. Giraffes are herbivores.
  8. Giraffe with their long neck reaches the treetops easily and with their longer thicker tongue it pulls and eats leaves,grass,fruits,shoots even thorns,twigs without efforts.Its main food source is Acacia tree.
  9. Giraffes without efforts reaches the treetop of the tall trees also but reaching the ground is hard and tough for them.To drink water from the lake or to bend down their legs and body to reach the ground is the toughest job for them.But good thing is Giraffes don't drink more water.It needs water only two times a week.
  10. Giraffe's are found in African savannas, grasslands or open woodlands.
  11. The group of giraffes are called as herd or tower.
  12. Even a new born giraffes(average 6 feet) are taller than many humans.After birth,they start walking within an hour and runs with their moms after 10 hours of their birth.
  13. Both male and female giraffes have horns on the top of their head called ossicones. Female giraffes have small horns with fur around while male giraffes have horns but are bald.
  14. Giraffes fight by swinging their necks at each other called “necking.” 
  15. Giraffes are poached for its meat and mainly for its tail which are highly prized.
  16. Compare to other four legged animals,giraffe's walk is different.They swing both legs on each side of the body forward at the same time( both left legs and then both right legs).
  17. Giraffe's tail can grow upto 8 feet long, including the tuft on the end.It uses its tail to swat the flies.
Easy Giraffe Drawing for Kids

If your kid can put standing and sleeping Lines,draw shapes like rectangle and ovals,then don't hesitate to teach above drawn Giraffe drawing.

Spider Drawing and Facts

Easy Drawing for Kids

Draw a circle.Then put "V" shaped lines to draw the legs of a spider.

Spider Facts

Most people wrongly think spider as an insect.

Fact 1 - Spider is an Arachnid and not an insect.

Fact 2 - Insects usually have three pairs of legs,two antennae and 3 body segments.

Fact 3 - While arachnids(spider) have four pairs of legs,two body segments and two pairs of appendages attached to their heads.

Fact 4 - Spiders spin webs in different shapes and sizes.But not all spiders do spin webs.

Fact 5 - All spiders have fangs which ejects venom(poison).Most spider's venom are harmless to humans except a few.

Fact 6 - The Fear of spider is called  Arachnophobia.

Fact 7 - Female spiders are big in size compare to male.

Fact 8 - Spiders eat spiders and are mostly hunted by lizards,scorpions,snakes and birds.

Fact 9 : Most spiders have 8 eyes.

Facts 10 - Spiders eat pest insects and so don't kill  the spiders in your garden.

My Family Drawing

Easy Drawings for Kids

My Family drawing - Father,Mother,Sister and a younger brother.

my family drawing

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