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"Platinum Day of Love" in my life

At first, I thought it was just another day in my life . We were about to hit the streets for shopping.We are newly married and were living far from our beloved families.

 Let me go a few months back and share about my bachelor life.When I was single,was in a comfortable job near to my native place.In just few hours travel, I would be with the best people of my life . When everything was quiet smooth due to some job necessity I was asked to go to another country.It made me upset.

At the same time, my marriage talks went on and suddenly everything came together and my parents showed me a girl's photo and asked my opinion . My dad and mom sitting right beside me were saying about the details of the girl's family.But I was in a hesitation,so I never answered them. My dad understood and left the place saying it's time u need someone besides u and we think she would suit your life.

My job location has changed and I have to go far away from my family.That alone was running in my mind.I was not in a position to think about marriage and hear my parents talk. My sister also ringed me and narrated all the conversation happened in that girl's home.Getting impressed with the girl and her family,my sister was in a hurry to convince me for marriage.Even my little niece and nephew got acquainted with her.She looked beautiful and charming in the photograph.After hearing my sis talks,my curiosity got increased and I wanted to see her in person.

From my job tension,I was pushed to a marriage mood by my family members and also got married to the same girl.

The so called girl became my wife and her name was Madhumathi. Her native place is very far from mine. Everything was just like fast forward movie.I got married to a total stranger. Rather I would say a beautiful stranger. Few days went by and I was running here and there to prepare for our travel.At last here we are two strangers in entirely strange place . I don't know whether she was shy to speak or since I was silent she stayed that way. Only our eyes met mostly and I always felt that her eyes was trying to convey something to me.For many days and months,it was a big puzzle in my mind.

Days went and I realized that I became very dependent on her.Like my mother, she did everything from my bed coffee to my favorite dishes without being asked.Her affection and care started giving me the similar feeling like living with my parents.

But myself, I have never did much to her. I occasionally use to take her out.We have never even interacted much, I was not sure whether she liked to go out or not. I was wondering how to understand her. Suddenly flashed in my mind, that it was the month of February and in a couple of days, was 14th Feb lovers day. I wanted to propose her in a very special way.What would be a proposal without a gift?So I decided to gift her.

A stranger like thought changed and I wanted to gift something special to my wife for her unconditional pure love.

Once while watching a movie, I saw her eyes enjoy and watching the romance scene in the moonlight near a lake.So I picked the similar location and decided to go by my instincts to surprise her.

Then I was wondering what to gift her to express my love.Platinum does not fade or tarnish with time.So I decided that precious Platinum white metal which never fades with time will be perfect gift to express my long lasting love. 
Platinum Day of Love

 I bought a platinum ring because a circular ring represent a never ending cycle of relationship. Platinum the most precious metal for my most precious person and I got it ready. At last there it is Feb 14 lovers day morning went quietly, we stared hours together at each other but never spoke a word . Afternoon I suggested that we can go out. From the look of her eyes I thought she never liked to go out as it was very rough climate. Anyway she never disappointed me. she got ready and appeared even more beautiful in her new maroon saree. 

We went to the station to reach that romantic place which was a 5 hours journey from my place . The station was heavily crowded and all over the place there were lovers enjoying.We got into the train and it was fully occupied than usual. While we were getting down I missed her.We both walked the opposite side searching each other. It was just 10 min we were apart .She was facing the opposite direction with tears in her eyes. I came from behind and touched her shoulders.She turned with moist eyes pulling back. 

 I was shocked to see the tears rushing through her eyes.On seeing me, she came forward  and I hugged her tightly. I understood what a women really needs. I immediately went down my knees and proposed her holding the ring in my hand. She blushed and nearly a pair of thousand eyes fell on us. I took her hands, kissed it and put the ring. She pulled me up and cuddled me and whispered in my ears it took so long for you to say this . I was happy that I have answered her eyes finally.

That platinum day of love was a memorable occasion to me.Because after my marriage,that was the day we both really shared our love to each other and broken the silence.With precious Platinum,I gifted her every year and we celebrated the particular Platinum Day of Love which helped us to discover the love between us.

This article was written by Vishnu Vikas.K

Hidden Benefits of Using Dabur Lal Tail

Dabur Lal Tail For Baby's early Growth and Development

 First three years and upto five years is an important stage in baby's growth and development.A healthy nutrition and proper care is particularly very important in the initial years for overall child's growth and development.After birth,the baby has a rapid physical and mental growth in this primary phase.An optimal growth in this key stage forms the basis for their future health, academic success,social and emotional well-being.

Attachment and bonding with your new-born baby is very important.It gives them great comfort and helps them to get adapted to their new world easily.It gives a good positive start to their social behavior.

Do gentle,regular massage to your new-born and infants.Massage helps you to touch your baby which builds a bonding between you and your new-born.It helps in brain growth and is also like exercising a muscle for new-born.The more you massage,the more your child grows strong both emotionally and physically(weight gain).

Additionally,massaging helps in achieving age-appropriate gross motor skills and also aids in improving the sleeping pattern.

Careful selection of massage oil is very important as we are going to apply it directly on the sensitive skin of
the new-born.

We always wants to grow up our child 100 percent close to nature.Before choosing a natural massage oil,let us have a look about Ayurvedic and Chemically Processed/Synthetic products.

 Ayurvedic and Chemically Processed/Synthetic product

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine followed by our ancestors in India to cure diseases and maintain good health using natural herbs.

  • Ayurvedic Product - It is a combination of many natural herbs and plants.A correct proportion and correct combination of herb is very important in Ayurveda.The different proportion and different combination of the herbs changes its benefits.

About Herbs:

Herbs have its own benefits and effects.
  1. Some herbs are naturally good and when processed,it may turn toxic.
  2. And some herbs which are naturally toxic, when processed,its toxic nature can be removed and may prove beneficial.
  3. Some herb to certain quantity of intake may be beneficial and beyond that may be dangerous to health.
So we mustn't self prescribe herbs for a particular problem.We don't know what quantity of a herb we can intake daily, so go for trusted brands like Dabur which gives natural remedy and brings the age-old science within everyone’s reach through this ready to use Ayurvedic product.

Dabur Lal Tail is an Ayurvedic Baby massage oil made from time tested ayurvedic ingredients which has many proven benefits for the baby. Its massage helps in strengthening baby's bones and muscles and is proven safe and effective for better overall physical growth of babies.

Enriched with proven natural ingredients, Dabur Lal Tail promotes growth and development of babies. It  nourishes the baby's tender skin, keeping it soft and supple. It is also beneficial in cases of flabby, dry skin and wrinkles occurring during Rickets.

Dabur Lal Tail is a safe and natural ayurvedic baby massage oil carefully made suitable to all children for promoting the physical and behavioral baby growth.  Dabur Lal Tail is made by strictly adhering to traditional guidelines on manufacturing of formulations and it also follows the Government’s GMP norms.

Dabur Lal Tail contains

Dabur Lal Tail

  • Till Tail or Sesame Oil - improves growth and post-massage sleep
  • Urad – to nourish the muscles and prevent rickets,
  • Ratanjyot – to protect the baby’s skin,
  • Karpoor (camphor) – to enhance blood circulation and
  • Shankhpushpi – to provide strength to weaker organs.

Dabur Lal Tail is carefully prepared with correct proportion and combination of different herbs to give following benefits:
  • Two Times Faster Increase In Weight
  • Two Times Faster Increase In Height

  • Babies Experience Better Sleeping Pattern

  • Babies Experience Better Appetite

Important! -  Don't forget to read the Instructions : How to Massage your Baby? Wrong way of massaging may harm your baby.

There is a view that Ratanjyot used in Dabur Lal Tail is toxic.But the seed is roasted to remove its toxic content before extracting the oil for using in Dabur Lal Tail.

Researching herbs and its benefits and effects is not possible for  us.

So pick the ancient trusted brand like "Dabur" which has carefully made the Dabur Lal Tail product after scientific research.

Dabur,with its roots in Ayurveda, gives natural remedy and brings the age-old science within everyone’s reach through this ready to use Ayurvedic product.

Dabur India's Ltd,Dabur Lal Tail is an Ayurvedic Over The Counter (OTC) product,so it is safe to use without prescription.

Dabur Lal Tail is a wonder product for new-born and infants, made with traditional knowledge after researching ayurvedic texts for natural growth.

Chemically Processed/Synthetic product - A  natural product becomes synthetic when it is chemically modified and altered by human beings. These products are produced artificially, especially in a laboratory or other man-made environment.

Chemically Processed/Synthetic  massage oils :
Synthetic products  loses its natural nutrients and these artificially changed oils uses synthetic fragrance and coloring components which are very bad for the skin and the body of the new-born Except giving lubrication while massaging,the nutrients lost artificial oils cannot contribute to baby's growth and development.Such chemical products are also detrimental to the skin with long-term use and the synthetic fragrance in it,can irritate the skin and the nose of the new-born.Some chemically processed massage oils when applied on skin is harmful as it block the pores and prevent the skin from functioning normally.It can impair the skin's ability to breath and makes massaging harmful to new-born.

The synthetic products can cause allergies to the new-born.

So it is always better to use natural products, especially 125 years old, most trusted and branded product like Dabur Lal Tail to be safe.

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" is an amazing children's picture book designed, illustrated and written by Eric Carle. It was the winner of many children's literature awards and was voted the number two children's picture book in a 2012 survey of School Library Journal readers.This book has sold 30 million copies worldwide and has been described as "one of the greatest childhood classics of all time.

The book has been translated into at least 40 languages, including Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Swedish, and Russian.

Watch "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" story online

From an egg hatches a tiny caterpillar,what it eats daily and finally how it emerge as a beautiful butterfly is the story of  "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

The story helps kids to learn and count numbers 1 to 5,weeks of the days and introduces fruits and other foodstuffs.

In this story,the caterpillar eats

1 apple
2 pears
3 plums
4 strawberries
5 oranges
1 piece of chocolate cake
1 ice cream cone
1 pickle
1 slice of Swiss cheese
1 slice of salami
1 lollipop
1 piece of cherry pie
1 sausage
1 cupcake
1 slice of watermelon
1 green leaf

In my own experience,when I read this story to my kids,they really enjoyed and it also kindles a desire in them to eat fruits and other food stuff along with caterpillar.

You can also teach them to draw and color caterpillar.

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" Drawing for Kids

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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