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15 Must-Know Facts about Turtle

1.Turtles are reptiles.They lay eggs.
2.Turtles don't have teeth.They have rigid beaks and jaws for cutting and chewing food.
3.Turtles don't have outer ears.They have only inner ears.
4.Turtle have four flipper-like legs which helps them to swim.
5.They have nose and nostril like us to breathe.
6.Turtles are old on earth as dinosaurs.A turtle can live for more than hundred years.
7.Turtle body is covered and protected by a outer hard shell called carapace.Bony plate on a turtle shell is called scute.Its bottom shell called plastron. Its upper and lower shell are connected by a bridge so a turtle's shell cannot be detached from its body.
8.Turtles are cold-blooded like other reptiles.
9.Turtle eats plants,fish and insects.
10.Male turtles are slightly larger than females and have a longer tail.
11.Turtle move slowly but they swim fastly. Turtle lives in oceans all over the world.They can swim and hundreds and thousands of mile.
12.Turtles can tuck their head,tail and legs inside its shell.
Turtle Drawing for Kids
13.Do you know the difference between Turtle and Tortoise?
Turtle spend most of the time in water.Tortoise spend most of their time on land.
14.A group of turtles is called a bale.
15.As a turtle grow,its shell get covered in algae.Fishes eat the algae as food and helps to clean the turtle's shell.


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