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35 Vocabulary Words - Plants and Trees

1.Shoot - A new plant growth( from seed germination that grows upward is a shoot)
6.Bark - tough outer wood
8.Crown - crown of a tree include branches and mass of foliage growing outward from the trunk of the tree
9.Foliage - group of leaves/all the leaves in a branch
10.Twigs - Small Branches
14.Trunk/bole - trunk of a tree is the central wooden part
15.Boughs/Limb/arm - Long Branches
16.Shrub/Bush - A woody plant of relatively low height, having several stems arising from the base and                                  lacking a single trunk.

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35 Vocabulary Words - Plants and Trees

18.Creeper - A plant that grows along the ground, around another plant, or up a wall by means of extending stems or branches
19.Aerial Roots - short roots which  hang from every branch.Looks similar to ropes.e.g.banyan tree
20.Thorns- needle-like structures in plants as branches and stems
21.Spines- needle-like structures in plants as leaves
22.Prickles-  needle-like structures on the outer central part of the tree or on the leaves
23.Sawdust or wood dust - is the wastage of wood while cutting or drilling
24.Weeds -  any unwanted plant that grows along cultivated plants and gives trouble
25.Timber - Wood prepared for use in building and carpentry
26.Tree stump/stubb/stub - the rooted remains of a felled tree/a tree cut and allowed to regrow from the trunk 
27.Clump - a group of trees or plants growing very close together
28.Grove - a group of trees of a particular type, especially trees arranged in lines
29.Copse - a small group of trees growing close together, especially ones that are cut regularly
30.Orchard - Collectively fruit bearing trees in a garden /group of fruit trees
31.Spike - Thorn or Spine
32.Log - A usually large section of a trunk or limb of a fallen or felled tree
34.Hay - is a grass that have been cut, dried, and stored for feeding cattle, horses, goats, and sheep
35.Stalk -  A stem or similar structure that supports a plant part such as a flower, flower cluster, or leaf


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