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7 Commonly Confused Pairs

1.When something is imminent, it is destined to happen,or about to happen or likely to happen  
e.g.- "the imminent sunrise"
 -A storm is imminent.

Eminent can refer to a person of high rank or repute: "an eminent scientist," or anything towering or standing out above others; prominent: "an eminent peak."

 But when something is immanent, it  is inherent or inborn.
-"ambition is immanent in human nature"

An eminent scientist

2.Wreath - a circular garland of flowers or leaves, placed at a grave, or put on someone's shoulders or head after his/her victory etcWe put a wreath of flowers on her mother's grave.

Wreathe - to form into or take the form of a wreath by intertwining or twisting together
-smoke wreathed up to the ceiling
 -a face wreathed in smiles.

3.Faint (verb) to temporarily lose consciousness and the adjective faint means lacking in brightness.
 -felt faint for a moment.
 -a faint light in the gloom.

Feint:a pretended blow or attack or a deceptive action calculated to divert attention from one's real purpose
 e.g. The boxer feinted with his left.

4.Stationarynot moving; standing still
e.g. the doctors said his condition was stationary

Stationery is writing paper or writing materials such as pens, envelopes, and ink. 

5.Tortuous:Not straightforward,Complex,full of twists and turns like a crooked path or a circuitous argument.
e.g. a tortuous road through the mountains.

Torturous:extremely painful

6. Insolateexpose to the rays of the sun or affect by exposure to the sun; "insolated paper may turn yellow and crumble"; "These herbs suffer when sunned"

Insulate:To prevent the passage of heat, electricity, or sound into or out of, especially by surrounding with a nonconducting material.
e.g.Rubber and plastic are used for insulating electric wires and cables.

7.Insure :To provide or arrange insurance for
e.g.Employers have to insure employees against accident.

Ensure : to make certain or sure; guarantee this victory will ensure his happiness


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