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6 Must-Know Qualities of Ants

Ant is a small insect with three pairs of legs.Ants can lift and carry more than three times their own weight.

Ants are known for its active, persistent,perseverance, diligentenergetichard-working, industrious and lively behavior.

Another notable point,Ants are thrift in nature.They very carefully manage their resources without wastage.

 1.Well-Organized : Ants live in large colonies(groups) and in each colony there will be three kind of ants-queens (reproductive emales), males, and workers (nonreproductive females) . Life in an ant colony is very organized. Each member has a job to do, from laying eggs,building nest to gathering food.

2.Unconditional Sharing : Ants share everything there collect.They never eat alone.

3.Well-Disciplined : Ants always march one after the other without  chaos, confusion or disorder.

4.Co-operation and Co-ordination:

Ant,insectAnts achieve success because of their unselfish nature and teamwork.From 100 million years ago, ants are still in existence only because of this great quality.They live and work unitedly with co-operation for the benefit of their colony and also co-ordinates their action with greater accuracy.Things to Ponder - Ants colony management is running successfully without a leader to lead.

5. Decision-Maker :

    Ants are good and quick decision-makers.They don't have leader or manager to instruct or assign work.Each ant know its work and they make their own timely decisions according to their situations to accomplish their task.

6.Good Planner : Ant collect and stores its food in summer in order to meet its winter needs.


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