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What is in your heart?

Fill in the blanks with what is in your heart...

 I can't forget.......
 I can't understand.....
 I can't Analyse.....
 I can't take a decision.....


I can't forget the past,
I can't live at the present,
I can't sketch about future,

I feel caught up with ....
I feel stressed out and overwhelmed,
I can't concentrate......

I can't get  ............anymore.

My best attempts to forget and find a solution resulted in VAIN.

If you are worried and restless about.........
broken heart.jpg

Take a break by breathing 

Breathe.Take a deep breathe.

Yes,a simple breathe can makes you feel better.

Whenever you feel depressed,stressed,exhausted or caught up with something......

Breathe ..Close your eyes, and take a deep breathe.

A breathe can calm your mind and relax you from the tensions.If you are overwhelmed with work,a breathe can helps you to concentrate and give a fresh start up.

If you feel caught up with happiness or any emotions...just helps you to come to normal.

A breathe can helps you to continue to do your work with more zeal and enjoyment.

If you are too excited and fast...take a breathe,it warns you to slow down..

Whenever you are feeling low.....comfort yourself with a breathe..

We can't have control over the life.But we can control ourselves with just a breathe.

Reading love quotes,sharing our sorrows, searching for someone to comfort us- may sometimes instead of pulling, may push us deep inside and worsen our problem.

Self help is the best help..

Use your own weapon to come out.Close your eyes and take a deep breathe.

So Breathe,Learn to accept and go ahead ..without getting blocked up..

Breathe.Be confident and strong to find a way even in darkness.

So breathe. And enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.


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