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3 Amazing Benefits of Neem

Neem has many medicinal uses.It is good for skin care and for our overall health.
neem leaves

1. Chew everyday 2-3 leaves of Neem. Wash them properly before in taking them. Do not boil them. A help would be to take them with honey or jaggery. And, follow it up with a glass of water. Do not worry if you vomit in the starting days. Your body and taste buds will adapt gradually to it. And, the results are too good to ignore. Intake of neem leaves would clean your system internally, improve the body metabolism and toxins elimination process. It would clean your blood of impurities and as a result, give you a clear skin. It even helps you get rid of constipation and improves your immune system.

2. If you get hold of neem oil, it treats acne quick. Applying neem oil keeps your skin safe from any bacterial and fungal infection.

3. Dry the neem leaves well under sun and powder them. Make small pouches containing the powder and put several of these pouches in your cupboards. Your cupboards would be free of moth infestation. And, you do not have to bother with changing the pouches every day. They will work up to an year. You can replace them again after a year. You may put your favorite essential oil in the neem leaves powder to impart a pleasant fragrance to your cupboards and clothes.


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