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10 Amazing Human Body Facts

Did you Know?Our body is made up of 100 trillion cells.Read more Amazing Human Body Facts.

1.There are more than 200 different types of cells in our body,including red blood cells,fat cells,muscle cells and nerve cells.
2.Skin is your body's biggest organ.Although very thin,the skin is also the heaviest body organ,despite losing 50,000 skin flakes every day.
3.You have approximately 1,00,000 head hairs that grow about 10 mm every month.Between 75 and 100 hairs are lost and replaced daily.
4.Our body has totally 206 bones,which makes up 20 percent of our body weight.
Fact:Human body is made up of 206 bones and similarly, there are 206 countries in the world.
5.Your body's strongest muscle is masseter,a jaw muscle that closes the mouth so that the teeth can crush the food.
human skeleton
6.You have more than 650 skeletal muscles that helps shape your body and makes up to 40 percent of your body weight.
7.The stapedius muscle(1.25 mm long) inside the ear is the body's smallest skeletal muscle.It helps protects the ear from loud noises.
8.We release 1 litre of saliva daily.Saliva cleans the mouth and contains a bacteria killing chemical called lysozyme.
9.The liver is your body's largest internal organ and the body's second biggest organ next to skin.
10.A child's body is around 65 percent water.To keep your water content  the same,the kidneys release more diluted urine,if you have drunk lots of fluid and less urine that is more concentrated,if you are dehydrated and sweating.


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