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Digital Citizen

A citizen of the Internet is called a  "Digital Citizen" or "Cyber Citizen" or "Netizen". The term can also be used for someone who uses the internet to actively exchange views,provide information and vote.

Netizen is a portmanteau word which means,"It is a combination of two (or more) words, and their definitions, into one new word.Here two words Internet and Citizen forms the new word Netizen.
[ (Inter)net + (cit)izen]

The Internet user who contributes to the Internet's use and growth is also called as "Netizen"or  "Cyber Citizen" or "Digital Citizen".

 A person who generally have extensive skills, knowledge, and access of using the Internet through computersmobile phones, and web-ready devices to interact with private and public organizations is qualified as a digital citizen

In simple Words, A person who regularly and effectively uses the Internet is called as "Cyber Citizen" or "Digital Citizen" or "Netizen". 

 Digital citizenship is not just signing up for an email address, posting pictures online, using e-commerce to buy merchandise online or participating in any electronic function that is B2C or B2B. The process of becoming a digital citizen goes beyond simple Internet activity.A person who uses technology/internet appropriately with an understanding about digital Etiquette,laws,security,rights&responsibility is a perfect Digital Citizen.

Digital Citizen


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