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“Gauss is a complex, nation-state sponsored cyber-espionage toolkit designed to steal sensitive data, with a specific focus on browser passwords, online banking account credentials, cookies, and specific configurations of infected machines,” said Kapersky Labs in a statement Thursday.
It can also infect USB drives and store stolen data in hidden file if it needs to do so."

Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has announced the discovery of a new virus "GAUSS" that is capable of spying on financial transactions, according to its website.

"GAUSS" virus is hitting the Middle East, this time targeting financial and banking information.

The virus, named Gauss after the key internal module, is capable of stealing passwords and login data, as well as communicating system configurations. It can even steal credentials to gain access to banking systems in the Middle East.

One of the viruses modules, named Godel, appears to possess the capability of attacking industrial control systems, Reuters reported. Kaspersky’s researchers believe the modules are named in homage to famous mathematicians and philosophers, including Kurt Godel and Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Kaspersky said on the company’s website that the virus is related to several others that have cropped up in the Middle East: Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu, all of which are cyberweapons. Stuxnet was originally designed to attack Iran’s nuclear program.

According to Kaspersky, Gauss began operation roughly in September of 2011 and was first detected in June. The estimated number of computers infected with the virus is probably in the tens of thousands, which is lower than the number of computers infected by Stuxnet, but significantly higher than the number of computers infected by Flame and Duqu. The highest number of infections appear to be in Lebanon.

Love marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Paths alone differ.Life destination is same.
My views about Love marriage and Arrange Marriage

1.Love marriage is eating the already tasted dosa.So nothing more to think about as we know the taste already.Arrange marriage is keeping the mouth wide open and waiting for the dosa with mixed of thoughts and emotions.If it is crispy fine or else have to drink the water and close the mouth.

2.In Love marriage, as performance and outcomes of each other are known already, the expectation levels can be pre-determined.In arrange marriage,expectation levels cannot be determined.

3.Love marriage is daring to face all kind of future situations alone in person including the mishappenings if any happened.Need to be more responsible and take care each other.Arrange marriage has less burden as it has more helping hands to take care without being invited.when the love marriage is arranged then it is bliss.

4.Love marriage is maintaining the already trained individual.Arrange marriage is training the new individual without knowing whether the candidate is eligible for training.

5.Love marriage is spicy, very thrilling and is like locking what we want exactly.But Love is a spring breeze.It comes and it gives tremendous fragrance, beauty -- but it goes. When it comes it gives the feeling that it is going to remain forever strong beyond doubt.We give promises and our beloved gives promises without knowing that the love is a spring breeze. It comes when it comes, it goes when it goes. It is not within our hands.We cannot capture it in our fist.We can feel it when our hand is open, its coolness, but the moment our fist is closed sure there will be no breeze,no coolness or fragrance.Have to sit in tears with empty hands watching the sky.
Arrange marriage is wiser as can be sure to get something.

6.Love marriage when it is done without parents acceptance,it is like hearing music in headphone.The couples alone can have joy and share happiness.Arrange marriage is like playing the orchestra.Its like sharing and multiplying the happiness and joy with everyone.

7.Love marriage is like learning the new life through distance education without guru.Arrange marriage  has 24*7 hrs support and assisstance to start the new life.

8.Love marriage is like shopping the matching stead by ourself.No need to change our dress as WE matched it.We can be ourself mostly.Arrange marriage is the stead brought by the parents.If it is not to our expectation,we have to change our dress or have to try to change the new stead bought.

9.In both love and arrange marriage gentle breeze,strong winds,thunder and heavy rain all will blow.Everything will occur in cyclic.Gentle breeze or heavy rain nothing can occur continuously.Everything will change but the lasting periods may differ.

10.If we have futuristic thinking and lot of thinking abilities to decide the good and bad for our life,can play the music and exchange the love wedding ring.Have no thinking abilities but want to eat laddoo for time being atleast,then listen music in headphone and wait for the arrange marriage.

11.Both type of marriages are heaven if it happens as we like.Both are hell and painful if it happens otherwise.When things go wrong,as a human being getting a second thought about other type of marriage and regretting for selecting the wrong person is common.

12.Love marriage is starting life closing the saving accounts and withdrawals of money.Arrange marriage is starting life with good source of income.

13.Humans Beings are social animals.Though human relationships are complex,their needs are very common but with varying wants.

Generally,a need for a passionate,lovable,caring and trustworthy companion to share feelings and thoughts and a need for a happy and peaceful life,all such needs are common.As a social animal,in all stages of life we need a companion for surviving and satisfying our needs and wants.We all are dependant creatures right from the mother's womb.Attitudes,traits and wants of everyone is unique.Each may follow their own unique path in life with different attitudes and mind set in taking decisions about the marriage. But we all are alike with the same emotional needs of having a lovable companion and a happy life.

So marriage matters a lot to all of us.Love marriage or arranged,it has nothing to think basically as participants needs are same.Both kind of marriage is basically 10percent already successfull as the couples needs are same.

14.Whether love or arranged marriage,all means the one denoting a lifetime commitment,creating a relationship bond between two persons and bringing many relationships in our life.Both have its pros and cons and have no infulence in making life success or failure.

15.In both marriages , the participants must understand the facts that both persons are seperate individuals.Traits,attitudes and beliefs of every individual is different.Its sometimes very difficult to get tuned and live together.It happens in both arrange and love marriage.

16.Love marriage or arrange marriage,the participants must know each others needs,wants and desires.Then the tolerance,acceptance and adjustment levels will arise and pay way for the  pre-requisite of marriage called "understang".

Everyone Cant get a matching person .If we want we only have to develop understanding and shape our life by tuning or getting tuned.

17.Love marriage or arrange marriage is not a matter but must be successfull alone matters.Life may or may not give what we desire,but setting the success standards based on the availability,we have to work hard to be successfull in our marriage commitment.

18.Love marriage or arrange marriage in both 100 percent success is not possible.But sure we can escape from the failure with our efforts and patience.

19.In love marriage,demands will come like sparks.In arrange marriage demands will be low initially because of the hesitation to ask each other.

20.My conclusion:

The hardships,happiness and life destination is same in both kind of marriages.Based on our priority to our desires can select any kind of marriage but without losing the path with our best efforts we must reach the life destination successfully with our beloved.

Love marriage ya arrange marriage both weighs equal and same.This post is my entry for the contest Love marriage ya Arrange marriage.

The Internet Map

 The Internet map is developed by Ruslan Enikeev.He is a Russian data-visualization designer.In his project "The Internet Map" he has mapped websites according to its levels of activity and traffic. The 'Internet Map' shows each website as a circle, sized according to levels of web traffic. Websites's positioning is based on the different sites their visitors switch to and from. A circle's color indicates the country to which it relates. Type a URL into the box on the left to see how it compares to other sites, and click on 'about' to read more about how the graphic was built.

Ruslan Enikeev says," Like any other map, The Internet map is a scheme displaying objects’ relative position; but unlike real maps (e.g. the map of the Earth) or virtual maps (e.g. the map of Mordor), the objects shown on it are not aligned on a surface. Mathematically speaking, The Internet map is a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. Users’ switching between websites forms links, and the stronger the link, the closer the websites tend to arrange themselves to each other".

The Internet Map
The Internet Map

The map of the Internet is a photo shot of the global network as of end of 2011. It encompasses over 350 thousand websites from 196 countries and all domain zones. Information about more than 2 million links between the websites has joined some of them together into topical clusters. As one might have expected, the largest clusters are formed by national websites, i.e. sites belonging to one country. For the sake of convenience, all websites relative to a certain country carry the same color. For instance, the red zone at the top corresponds to Russian segment of the net, the yellow one on the left stands for the Chinese segment, the purple one on the right is Japanese, the large light-blue central one is the American segment, etc.
Importantly, clusters on the map are semantically charged, i.e. they join websites together according to their content. For example, a vast porno cluster can be seen between Brazil and Japan as well as a host of minor clusters uniting websites of the same field or similar purposes.

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