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What is an URL?

URL - Uniform (or universal) Resource Locator. 

The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is the web address of a World Wide Web page.It was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1994.It provides the address for locating the information on the Internet.Every web page will have unique URL.

A URL will always starts with a protocol prefix like "http://", ftp://, gopher://, telnet://, and irc:// etc.It uses forward slashes (/) and dots to separate its parts.A URL uses numbers and wont have spaces in between.


The language used in URL is English.

For Example,

URL               :

Domain name  :
Domain : Yahoo
Subdomain     : www
Top level domain : com

The domain name is made up of the domain + top level domains(or domain suffix).
To know in detail about domain name and top level domains visit my previous post.

Here, http:// stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.It enables the browser to know what protocol it is going to use to access the information specified in the domain.
 URL- Uniform Resource Locator
 Uniform Resource Locator 

In other words,the domain name is the overall web site identifier and the URL is the locator for a particular resource on the Internet.

In short,The first part of the URL is called a protocol identifier and it indicates what protocol to use, and the second part is called a resource name and it specifies the IP address or the domain name where the resource is located. The protocol identifier and the resource name are separated by a colon and two forward slashes.

My Beautiful Hair Story

Morning, after having a hair bath, I dried the hair standing in front of the mirror and I was down in the mouth to see the bunch of hair in my towel. 
Suddenly, I heard a giggle and dubiously I turned around and even checked outside my room. I got astonished as I could not find anyone. Uncertainly, I surmised the giggle as my imagination. 
Then I started combing the hair in a thoughtful mood and got stunned to see another mass of hair tangled in my comb. Subsequently, I heard another giggle and this time I was certain about the giggle which I heard. 
I caught you. I knew the reason behind your giggles. Do not repeat, I uttered. 
Again, I felt heinous to hear another giggle. 
I took medications along with I tried many hair oils and shampoos for my hair hassles. But everything was resulted in vain. 
I felt very upset and I pleaded it to stop the giggling. 
Suddenly, the silence prevailed everywhere. I was dubious about it. I could not forget the giggles. It kept ringing in my mind endlessly. 
More vigorously I exerted to find the root cause to curb my hair hassles permanently. 
I gave a profound thought and started thinking about my previous and present mundane until dusk. 
While I was going to the school I followed the healthy diet and regular lifestyle as my routine. Those days I remember that I had healthy and beautiful hair. 
But after joining the college to catch my bus in the morning I stopped having the breakfast. I felt lazy and neglected my lunch box opting for outside chat foods. My bedtime has also gone irregular. Weekly twice hair bath, oiling my hair and everything I stopped. 
I doubted that these drastic changes would have triggered my hair hassles and I thought that I need something special to bring the life back to my hair. Furthermore, I thought that I need to know more about my hair to find the good solution for my dandruff and hair fall. 
In that time luckily to my surprise I came to know the Dove hair aware app. It is amazing. It made me know better about my hair and helped me find the right solution. 
All these days I tried many shampoos in confusion without knowing the exact need of my hair. 
Fortunately the Dove hair-aware app has steered to make the right choice of what my hair exactly needs. 
According to the recommendation of the Dove hair-aware app, I tried the precise Dove Damage Therapy Products needed for my hair.  
Dandruff is the one of the reason for my hair fall. So initially I tried the Dove Dandruff Care. 
The Dandruff shampoos which I have tried before never helped to quit the dandruff permanently. I got the dandruff again because of the dryness left in my hair after using those shampoos. 
The Dove dandruff care with its micro moisture serum controlled the dandruff without drying the hair and gave me the everlasting dandruff free hair. 
Hair Fall Rescue

Together with I tried the Dove hair fall Rescue. It helped to strengthen my hair and rescued from continuous hair fall. 
In a regular mundane, I started using the Dove for my hair bath. It helped to its best for my hair hassles and regained my soft, smooth and dandruff free healthy hair. Now all my hair problems got vanished. 
Nevertheless, I wanted to do something for my hair.  
So, I stopped skipping the breakfast and included the vegetables and fruits in my diet. In a regular routine time I went to the bed. I concentrated on the diet and lifestyle as before. 
Finally, I giggled with my beautiful hair in front of the mirror proudly. 
I devout, that my giggle would not be possible without the Dove. 
I was ecstatic to share that, 'Dove bestowed the healthy and everlasting beautiful hair'. In conclusion, 'The Dove hair-aware app and the Dove Damage Therapy offered facile solutions for all my hair hassles and that was the end of my hair problems’! 

Visit the Dove hair-aware app to know more about your hair and start sharing your beautiful hair story with everyone.

When will the sun explode?

This is one of the most common questions thrown to astronomers and scientists. Many of us know that our Sun is a star and a star’s final moment is through a very powerful explosion known as a supernova. This is such a very dreadful scenario; however, the Sun will not experience the same fate as that of the other stars. But how is this possible if the Sun is also a star?

Mass is the deciding factor if a star will explode at the end of its life cycle. To qualify for a supernova ending, the Sun should have a mass that is four times its current mass. Fortunately, its mass will remain unchanged until its end. The Sun has a relatively low mass, thus it is classified as a dwarf star. If it is not going to explode, how it is going to end its life?

Astronomers and scientists predict that in about 5 billion years, the Sun will be depleted of its hydrogen fuel. By that time, the Sun’s gravity will still be powerful to enable the continuous fusion reactions in its core. However, the helium will be turned into carbon, oxygen and nitrogen. Although this is the very same process for a supernova explosion, the Sun does not have enough mass to support an explosive fusion reaction in its core. What will happen is that the Sun will just blow off its outer layers leaving a carbon rich white dwarf core. It will cool down over billions of years until it reaches the very same temperature as with the universe.
When will the sun explode

Other astronomers theorize that in about 5 billion years, when the Sun has depleted its hydrogen fuel, other gases will be out of control, especially the helium, which shall make all objects here on Earth to melt down and burn.

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Management Information System

A management information system (MIS) provides information that is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. Management information systems involve three primary resources: people, technology, and information or decision making. Management information systems are distinct from other information systems in that they are used to analyze operational activities in the organization. Academically, the term is commonly used to refer to the group of information management methods tied to the automation or support of human decision-making, e.g. decision support systems, expert systems, and executive information systems.

MIS (management information systems) is a general term for the computer systems in an enterprise that provides information about its business operations. It's also used to refer the people who manage these systems. Typically, in a large corporation, "MIS" or the "MIS department" refers to a central or centrally-coordinated system of computer expertise and management, often including mainframe systems and also the extension of the corporation's entire network of computer resources.
In the beginning, business computers were used for the practical business of computing the payroll and keeping track of accounts payable and receivable. As applications were developed that provided managers with information about sales, inventories, and other data that would help in managing the enterprise, the term "MIS" arose to describe these kinds of applications. Today, the term is used broadly in a number of contexts and includes decision support systems, resource and people management applications, project management, and database retrieval applications.

Management Information System
Management Information System

What is ICP?

The two popular acronym for ICP 
*Internet commerce provider
*Insane Clown Posse

1.Internet commerce provider
An ICP (Internet commerce provider) is a company that sells software and services that enable a merchant with a Web site to build an online store on the merchant's own site or on the provider's site. Products and services can be pre-packaged or customized or some combination. Typically, a pre-packaged ICP product lets a merchant set up an online store using one of several design templates, arranges for secure credit card transactions, and provides order tracking. An ICP may also provide services related to order fulfillment, such as shipping and customer relations.

Some Internet access providers (IAP) and Web design shops also act as ICPs, offering customized services or serving as a vendor of packaged products.
2.Insane Clown Posse
Insane Clown Posse is an American hip hop duo from Detroit, Michigan. The group is composed of Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler, who perform under the respective personas of the "wicked clowns" Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. Insane Clown Posse performs a style of hardcore hip hop known as horrorcore and is known for its elaborate live performances. The duo has earned two platinum and five gold albums. According toNielsen SoundScan, the entire catalog of the group has sold 6.5 million units in the United States and Canada as of April 2007.
Originally known as Inner City Posse, the group introduced supernatural- and horror-themed lyrics as a means of distinguishing itself stylistically. The duo founded the independent record label Psychopathic Records with Alex Abbiss as manager, and produced and starred in the feature films Big Money Hustlas and Big Money Rustlas. They formed their own professional wrestling federation, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, and later collaborated with many well-known hip hop and rock musicians. The group has established a dedicated following, often referred to as Juggalos.
The songs of Insane Clown Posse center thematically on the mythology of the Dark Carnival, a metaphoric limbo in which the lives of the dead are judged by one of several entities. The Dark Carnival is elaborated through a series of stories called Joker's Cards, each of which offers a specific lesson designed to change the "evil ways" of listeners before "the end consumes us all." 
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