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Transform Your Thinking

By holding a broomstick,anyone can clean the home.Turn off your thoughts if you think that it is associated with women.This cleaning tool regardless of the sex helps to clean the home when it is handled properly.Broomstick doesn't know to distinguish the sex like human beings.

Touching the broomstick won't affect the dignity of a person.In real,keeping the home unclean only lowers the dignity of its family members.

The Indian Society and the Thoughts to be changed
"The head of the family,supposed male gender touching the broomstick is not good for the family".
"Being a men,touching the broomstick affects our dignity".

If your mind is equipped with these kind of  thoughts-Please, change your thoughts and understand the reality.

A small incident,'A woman after completing her day's work went to her bed tiredly to retire'.At that time unknowingly her husband messed up the bedroom.Then the supposed head of the family started shouting as his place to sleep becomes dirty.she turned her face without caring his words.Other family members were watching the couple with eyebrows raised.'

The whole family is expecting for the tired woman to clean the bedroom.If men say something,immediately women have to obey.when men are awake,women musn't sleep.She has to go around and do what men need until he sleeps.

The whole family made her feel guilty for not doing his spouse needs.So herself she felt bad and cleaned the room.

In this incident,she was tired so she doesn't want to...

For all women if you feel you are correct,don't worry about the society and their weird thoughts.Be bold.Even the whole society threatens you with their weird thoughts you don't bend down when you are correct.

Usually society makes the women more conscious about their work right from their childhood and this mindset prevails among all women irrespective of their education and job.The weird thoughts which are implanted in them by the society must get changed.

Washing the vessels,cooking,cleaning the home,changing the pee and poo of kids are the works meant for women and it has to be done conditionally by a woman even if she is sleeping,eating or suffering from ill health or at any cost.

If anyone thinks that men has no role to play here,please change your thoughts.

Most of the women,thinking all this as their own work,doing it,without expecting from the men.

Another incident,'A woman cooked and served the whole family.Finally when she started eating,her son wetted his pants.Immediately her husband uttered,'Please clean his pant' and walked away.

If you are an alarm giving husband,please change your thoughts and help your spouse.Just think about her stomach and hunger inside it.

Then everyone has an allergy to poo and pee and so please stop treating woman as cleaner.Pee and poo will get washed off even if it is getting washed by men.

Same way if she suffers from ill health,please help her in doing household works.

Turning unhuman or failing to do the responsibility only affects the dignity of a person.Touching broomstick or washing pee wont let you go down.

Be a responsible father,responsible member of the family,share the work and help each other.

Unanimously,each and everyone in the family must think that "This is my home and I have to keep it clean". If you are not responsible inside the family itself,how you can be a responsible citizen?

In most of the Indian families,women are facing these kind of problems and are suffering from stress and depression.Instead of raising your eyebrows and finding fault,please help each other and live happily.Work is not meant for any sex.Please share the work and make your family and world beautiful.
I strongly believe that small changes in each home will bring incredible changes in the whole world.This is  my mission of changing everyone as a responsible family member.And I hope my mission will pave way for my vision of changing everyone as a responsible citizen.
This is my entry for Time to change contest.

How to prepare Green Tea?

Please do not use milk.

Preparation of Green Tea

1. Pour boiled water into three teacups and let cool to the ideal temperature for your favorite green tea.
(Optimum brewing temperatures : Gyokuro:50-60℃ Sencha:70-90℃ Bancha, Genmaicha and Hojicha:100℃

2. Put roughly two teaspoonfuls of tea leaves into a teapot.
(Best quantity : Gyokuro: About 10g, Sencha:8g Bancha, Genmaicha, Hojicha:9g)

3. Pour the hot water from the teacups into the teapot and let the tea leaves steep until fully brewed.
(Brewing time : Gyokuro :About 2 minutes, Sencha:60seconds, Bancha, Genmaicha, Hojicha:30seconds) Pour a little bit of the brewed tea into each teacup, in turn, and repeat this process until the teapot is empty. In this way, the tea in each cup will have equal strength. 

Note:3 cups of Green Tea a day is good for health.Best time to drink green tea is between meals.Green tea impedes the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables.So add lemon to it while drinking. 

Reference Yahoo Answers

How to do Surya Namaskar ?

Pose 1:
Stand with feet joined and hands folded in front of the chest (normal breathing)
Pose 2:
Raise hands and bend backward ( inhale)
Pose 3:
Bend forward and place the hands flat on the floor. You may bend knees in the beginning (exhale)
Pose 4:
Stretch the right leg back while bending the left knee & lowering the torso. Stretch the neck backwards (inhale)
Pose 5:
Lifting the hips take the left foot back to join the right foot. Lower your head. The body takes a triangular position (exhale)
Pose 6:
Lower the body to the floor. Let the chin, chest and knees rest on the floor but not the stomach. It will be very difficult until you get a body balance on your arms (hold breathing)
Pose 7:
Drop the stomach. Lift your head and raise the upper body. The abdomen should remain on the floor. Now it is the Bhujangasana Position (inhale)
Pose 8:
Lift the hips up to the triangular position of Pose 5 (exhale)
Pose 9:
Bring the left foot forward and assume pose 4 (inhale)
Pose 10:
Straighten your legs and raise hips in the Pose 3 (exhale)
Pose 11:
Raise hands above your head and bend backwards and assume pose 2 (inhale)
Pose 12:
Fold hands and bring them down to the chest, like in the starting position (exhale)
To complete one round of Surya Namaskar, one such cycle has to be done with the right foot in front and left leg stretched back.

Count 5 seconds for each step.

Touchscreen and Germs

None of us like to think that those things that we use every day  are carriers of germs and can be contagious. 
Things that should not be shared with others if you want to reduce the risk of catching a viral illness or other infections.
Here are some common items that are better to use personally.
We often use TV remote control,keyboard but very rarely we clean it.So it may be infested with germs. Especially in cafe, hotel rooms, offices, hospitals and nursing homes,we must be very careful because there are more chances for different types of viruses and infections to happen.
Devices with touch screen
Currently there is a craze for smartphones and other devices with touch screens. Also, touch screens can be seen on ATMs in shops and other places. Although this device is very easy to handle, they are home to various infections, including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and viruses that cause colds and flu. When experts have tested different types of surfaces on the germs and viruses, they found that the touch screen and keyboard were very positive.
Combs, toothbrushes and other items can be easy to forget, if you're suddenly out of the house. You know your friends and you think that there would be nothing wrong if you use his comb? You are mistaken. With the help of a toothbrush can transmit HIV, hepatitis B and C, and the comb can detect Staphylococcus aureus and other microbes.
Mobile Phones
As is the case with remote control, mobile phones are often used, but it is rarely rub. Experts also say that the phones used by women who are infected with more microbes than those enjoyed by men.Perhaps this is due to the fact that women on average more likely to get colds than men, and they often are in contact with children, or their phones are infected with the germs of cosmetics.
Shopping carts
Recent studies have revealed that on the surface of many shopping carts can be detected, such bacteria as Salmonella, Staphylococcus and E. coli. Moreover, E. coli was found in 80 percent of store carts. You may want to carry antibacterial wipes?
How nice to try new shadow and other cosmetics news, but do not do it in a store. The fact that the samples of cosmetics, taken from stores and pharmacies, have tested positive for infections such as Staphylococcus and E. coli. Moreover, the concentration of these bacteria was higher at weekends, when more buyers go to the store and tested the products.
Most people have a habit of putting a pen in their mouth, and this is an ideal way to transfer and spread of germs. Experts warn that everything from staph to the flu can be transmitted through the handle. So it is advised to clean the very often and not to put in mouth.

Love and Heart

Love and Heart
Love rules the world. All we need is love. When we love, our health improves and we feel that our every part of the body is recharged.
How does love improves the health of our heart?
Spending time with your loved ones helps to  reduce the  blood pressure
The study published in the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine states that people who spend time with their loved ones have a a greater reduction in blood pressure than those who spend time with a stranger.
Trains your heart, when rate increases from the love
When you meet eyes with someone who is causing your increased heart rate, whether it's a new love or the love of your life, your brain secretes several hormones such as dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine  that make your heart beat stronger and faster.
These short bursts train your heart to make it more efficient to pump blood, just like when you exercise, but to a lesser extent. Because you should not take time off from the daily charge, even when you're in love.
Embrace good for the heart
Embrace the day, and the doctor is not required. When you have a warm hug  with your loved ones, whether it be a parent, child or your spouse, the body produces oxytocin, a hormone-good mood, which can reduce the levels of stress hormones and blood pressure.
Laughter causes the blood to flow more freely
How long have you laughed heartily? Recent studies at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, found an association between mental stress and the narrowing of blood vessels that restricts blood flow and leads to atherosclerosis. Laughter also produces the opposite effect, leading to vasodilatation.
Writing love letters lowers cholesterol
One thing is to feel love, and more - to write about love, which is also beneficial to health. So in two experiments, where college students were asked for 20 minutes to write about his love for the loved one (friend, relative or romantic partner), we observed a significant reduction in total cholesterol levels.
Positive attitude reduces the risk of heart attack
Studies show that a positive outlook on life protects against cardiovascular disease.
Scientists have identified a positive attitude, a sense of joy, happiness, delight, enthusiasm and satisfaction we feel when we are close to a loved one. The researchers found that those who had high levels of positive mood, the risk of cardiovascular disease was reduced by 22 percent.
When you hold hands, it calms the nerves
The habit of holding hands has a calming effect on the body. Thus, women who were holding the hand of their husbands during the passage of an MRI scan, felt less anxiety. The study found that even the touch of a stranger can help calm nerves, but not as much as the touch of a loved one. It is known that elevated levels of stress and anxiety associated with high blood pressure, increased heart rate and other factors contribute to heart disease.

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