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Vegetable Corn Chat

Stomach filling Vegetable Corn chat

This recipe I tried with my own idea.It resulted good and satisfied my stomach.I am a chat food lover.Somedays in evening,when I feel hungry, I use to feel upset as i could not get chat food near by my area.This home-made easy chat I can prepare hereafter.Thanks for Indiblogger and Del Monte,if they never conducted contest,I would not have thought about preparing chat in home.

Taste the new mint flavor vegetable Del Monte corn chat without any masala powder and maida puri.


oil - 2 tablespoon
garlic - 2-3 crushed
mint leaves - 1 cup chopped
green chilly-2 chopped
cabbage-1/2 cup chopped
carrot-1/4 cup shredded
beetroot-1/4 cup shredded
Del Monte Fresh cut Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn-No salt Added - drained 1 cup
punchy pepper cheese spread - 3
tomatoes-2 finely chopped
salt - to taste
lemon juice - to taste

Ingredients to add and serve

Fried Moong Dal - 1 cup 
chow-chow - 1/4 cup finely chopped(into small pieces)
cashew nuts -Take as required;finely chopped(into very small pieces)
Raisins - Take as required

Vegetable Corn Chat Preparation : 

Heat the pan with 2 tablespoon of oil. Add the crushed garlic,chopped mint leaves and green chilly.Its spiciness can be felt by the nose.

                                  Vegetable Corn Chat

Then add the chopped cabbage,shredded carrot and beetroot.Fry them for 2 minutes.Next add the sweet corn,pepper cheese and mix them all until cheese get melted.Add tomatoes and fry till it becomes tender.Meanwhile cabbage,carrot and beetroot will also get cooked.

Del Monte has offered ready to eat cooked corn so need not worry about corn.

Add lemon juice and salt for taste as required.

Mix all and keep this spicy vegetable bowl ready, to serve as chat.

At the time of serving add fried moong dal,chopped chow chow,cashews and raisins.

Mix all and serve.

Fresh Del Monte Sweet Corn mixed with nuts,mint and fried moong dal makes you forget that you are eating vegetables and also fills your stomach quickly.


  1. Yummy.. and easy to make... will try this weekend


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