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Google "semantic search" technology

Google's new "semantic search" technology will allow search engines to give a ready answer to a user request, and not just show him the links on the topic.

If the user enters a search string "Lake Tahoe", writes The Wall Street Journal, Google will issue at the top shows the location data of the lake, its height above sea level, water temperature and salinity. Search engine will be able to respond to more complex issues are not with a list of facts and their analysis - for example, would call "the ten largest lakes in California."

To make a ready answer, Google will analyze the importance of belonging to a query words and phrases, and then will find the necessary information in its own database. The database will include several million records, and it will be constantly updated.

The Wall Street Journal does not specify the launch date of semantic search, however, citing anonymous sources indicates that the innovations are expected "in coming months."

On some of the user queries the search engine is able to give direct answers right now. On the results page issue may appear stock quotes, weather forecasts, flight information and news headlines, which are referred to the desired object or person. In addition, Google is able to translate the values ​​to perform a currency converter and calculator and graph functions.

In the terminology of Google "straight answers" are called "OneBox Results".


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