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How to prepare Green Tea?

Please do not use milk.

Preparation of Green Tea

1. Pour boiled water into three teacups and let cool to the ideal temperature for your favorite green tea.
(Optimum brewing temperatures : Gyokuro:50-60℃ Sencha:70-90℃ Bancha, Genmaicha and Hojicha:100℃

2. Put roughly two teaspoonfuls of tea leaves into a teapot.
(Best quantity : Gyokuro: About 10g, Sencha:8g Bancha, Genmaicha, Hojicha:9g)

3. Pour the hot water from the teacups into the teapot and let the tea leaves steep until fully brewed.
(Brewing time : Gyokuro :About 2 minutes, Sencha:60seconds, Bancha, Genmaicha, Hojicha:30seconds) Pour a little bit of the brewed tea into each teacup, in turn, and repeat this process until the teapot is empty. In this way, the tea in each cup will have equal strength. 

Note:3 cups of Green Tea a day is good for health.Best time to drink green tea is between meals.Green tea impedes the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables.So add lemon to it while drinking. 

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  1. Nice post. I drink green tea daily but make sure I don't eat anything 1 hour before and after of taking it.

    It has helped me lose excess water and hence, I have managed to control my weight post delivery.
    Read my parenting blog if interested:


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