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We went for a local sightseeing in Delhi in a touring van with nearly 10 members.To happily spend the day together we all introduced to each other formally.

Now I want to share about the two friends who came along with us.

Both guys were very interesting to watch.It seems one is very passionate about taking photos and other guy is crazy about giving pose for photos.Both friends can be noted for perfection in their work.We entered Jama Masjid,looked all around the mosque,admired architectural works,made a few clicks and we rested in a place.Many tourist people did the same as we did.But those two guys were different.

By profession,they both were IT professionals.One like photographer finding a location for his movie or serial, very seriously rolling over his camera and searching for the best location to click.Another like hero acting in a movie was very busy in correcting his hair style with mirror.

As a tourist,primarily we give importance to visit the place all around within the time given.Then if the place is of any significance or if we like the place we will click.To keep as good memories generally people will take photos with a smiling face by standing and sitting in a different position.This alone I have seen.

Although it was their first visit, those two guys never bothered more about visiting all around.Everytime the photographer guy uses to set  the location and instruct the other guy to pick the costume matching to the location and to get ready for his clicks.When everyone was in a hurry to cover the place,those guys without caring concentrated only in justifying their each and every photo.

Next day,we went to Taj Mahal.Seeing the beauty of Taj Mahal like others even they both got disturbed initially.But no sooner they both started their work hurriedly to make more clicks.As usual we all visited,clicked and came to these friends to watch them.More crowd was around them.But those two guys were in their own world of taking photos and giving pose without caring about the crowd watching.The guy who is giving pose had dark and light color shirts,two different jackets and glasses to change for the photos as required.

The photographer guy took us a group photo.Then they both started admiring their own work.They were discussing about the role they played and were admiring their photos.Finally while returning we all got excited and inquired them about the purpose of taking photos.They replied not for any professional use and it is just for the memories and to show to their friends.It seems that one hates taking photos and other hate giving pose.We asked the photographer guy about not being in a single photo.He replied that he has no interest in that.Similarly the other guy with him,never clicked a single photo.Both concentrated only in their own interest.They both never worried about clicking or not being in a single photo.

A photo is just a photo for me and I have never seen people like them.

Both guys without taking the eyes,concentrated in their work.Even I justified my work with full concentration without taking my eyes from them(as usual by watching what i like) .So I feel concentration being a common platform connected us.

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  1. Interesting post! While they're focussed on the photography, you were focussed on them - eventually it was a what caught the fancy of either party :)

  2. Thank you for taking time to post your opinion
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