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Retirement Funds

A Retirement Fund is a monthly payment made to someone who is retired from work.

Types of Retirement Funds

No matter where you are in your career cycle, it is never too early to start thinking about retirement. The sooner you get started with your retirement savings and investment program, the better off you will be. Depending on your employer, you might have access to a traditional pension plan or a 401k. In addition, you might be able to contribute more money to a traditional or Roth IRA.

Defined Benefit Plans

  • With a defined benefit plan, workers who have enough years on the job to be vested are guaranteed a set monthly payment for life. In some cases, those workers may be offered a lump sum pension payment instead, which they can then invest as they see fit. These plans are not portable, and if a worker leaves his job before becoming vested, he will likely derive no benefit from the plan.Read More...
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Retirement Investing Book Wins Second Book of the Year Award 

Less Risk, More Return by Lee Hull was selected as the best retirement book of 2011 by  This is the second award for Less Risk, More Return which also received the best trading book of 2011 award from Less Risk, More Return hit number one on in the retirement planning category and has been a bestseller in personal finance.

The Best Retirement Book Of 2011
Less Risk, More Return is a book about protecting our capital and picking our spots for limited gains. Instead of swinging for the investment return fences, Hull's book is about patiently waiting for your pitch until you get a good one.

  • Anyhoo, I think this book is a great resource for retirement planning/retirement investing.  It doesn't necessarily solve ALL the problems with retirement planning, but it's a strong attempt to help fill a gap that investors face — how do we retire and protect our investments? How do we retire and have enough income in a low interest rate world?
    More Information: 
    The book is available on, Barnes & Noble and the iBooks store.
    Readers can download any chapter from Less Risk, More Return at
    Hull Capital Management website,
    Tradestreaming site,

    Author, Lee Hull, 903-596-0380 or
    Publisher, Peter Honsberger, 615-352-6183,
    Full Title:
    Less Risk, More Return
    A proven blueprint for retirement plan investing. Achieve your real investment goal of growing your retirement plan in any market and retire on time by combining the best of both alternative and traditional investments.
    ISBN 978-0-9828146-5-9.Read More....


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