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Diet Foods

Coloured foods are the diet foods which helps in balancing our diet.Deeper the colour the greater the benefits.

Red fruits and veggies is an antioxidant
*protects against ultra-violet rays & cancer
*prevents urinary tract infections and diseases related to circulatory system.

Green veggies 

*possess excellant antioxidant properties that protect your eyes by keeping the retina in good condition.
*reduce the risk of cancerous tumours.

Orange and Yellow groups

*Contains beta-carotene,an antioxidant improves cell communication
* Helps to stop the spread of cancer

Blue and Purple Group

*adds an element of transquillity and richness to your plate
*have an influence on the pineal gland and nervous system.

White Group

*contains sulphur compounds that protect DNA
*contains flavonoids,the antioxidants that protect cell membranes

Therefore the more coloured our diet foods ,the better equipped is our immune system to cope with diseases.


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